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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Our shipping policy is simple. Please read it. We will ship anywhere in the USA, as long as we ship to the verifiable address on your credit card, or PayPal address. NO exceptions.  All orders from overseas have to be paid via bank wire transfer. All shipping, insurance, and custom duties for sales outside the USA are the sole responsibility of the customer. Please note that of now, we cannot export any type of guitar made using Rosewood. 

2) What lines do you carry?

We are a fully authorized dealer of the following brands: Reverend Guitars, Collings Guitars, Cordoba Guitars, National Resophonic, Santa Cruz Guitars, Mesa Boogie, Knaggs Guitars, Nash Guitars, Rockett Effects, Jetter Effects, Divided by 13 Amplifiers, Bogner Amplifiers, Victoria Amplifiers, Pigtronix Effects, Fender Custom Shop and Masterbuilt Guitars, EVH Guitars and Amplifiers, ESP and LTD Instruments, Electro Harmonix, Groove Tubes, Gretsch Guitars, Strymon Effects,Valvetrain Amplifiers, Dunlop Effects and Accessories, Fender parts and accessories, MXR, Fulltone Custom Shop effects, Daddario Strings, Ernie Ball Strings, and many more coming soon.... We also carry many vintage and fine second hand guitars, basses, effects, and amplifiers.

3) Do you take returns on amplifiers?

The answer is, NO. I'll explain. Amplifiers can be subjected to all sorts of damage when being transported. Also, amps sometimes tend to be bought by what I refer to as "free renters". You know what I mean by this. Someone buys an amp they have no intention of keeping, for their recording sessions, or "big gig", then return it after abusing it for 3 days. When I sell an amp, I want the customer to be sure that he or she is getting a fresh, brand new quality piece that hasn't been in the hands of 9 different people. 

4) Do you rent out instruments?

I do rent out pre-owned, and select vintage pieces for short term rentals (I.E. recording sessions, photo shoots, etc.). Item must have a deposit for the full sale price before leaving showroom. Item, or items must be returned in same condition as when they left, or it's yours! Price for rentals varies depending on type of gear. Please inquire.

5) Can you ship items out of the country?

The answer is yes, when allowed by our dealer agreements. If an item is being purchased online, or by phone, payment must be made via bank transfer, or certified check in U.S. funds. Once payment clears, items ship. The only exception are guitars made with Rosewood. As certain laws are currently unclear on this practice. We will be following this closely, and make any changes if allowed by law.

6) Do you deliver locally?

Special arrangements can be made for local delivery to venues within Las Vegas. Please inquire.

7) Do you take trades? 

No. We do not take trades. 

8) Do you offer layaways?

Yes. We offer up to a 45 day layaway, with a 20% non-refundable deposit. 

9) Can I get an appraisal of my guitar over the phone?

No. We cannot properly give you  an accurate value of your individual instrument without it being in our shop for proper inspection. Sorry.